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Consulting Services

National Digital Forensics, Inc. provides consultation for cases involving potential Digital Evidence, E-Discovery/Litigation Support, Testifying in Court/Courtroom Presentation, Education and Training.


E-Discovery and Litigation Support Services- Our focus is the End to End E-Discovery for the legal market. We can manage the data collection from start to finish advising you of your options and ensuring the best strategy for any given matter.

Education and Training

National Digital Forensics, Inc. will educate you and your company, firm, agency or academic institution on relevant Digital Forensic Data Recovery Issues.

Expert Witness Services

National Digital Forensics, Inc. provides Expert Witness testimony and full court presentations on the acquisition of digital evidence, the tools utilized for examinations and actual courtroom demonstrations of Digital Forensic Analysis.


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    Local and National Service

    NATLDF Forensics Team has been providing digital forensic services nationally to Fortune 100 to Fortune 1000 Companies since 2002.

    New Forensic Areas

    As Technology advances and new devices become available, this provides numerous additional areas where potential evidence may exist to help a case for example; IoT (Internet of Things), UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and Vehicle Infotainment Systems. The growth in these areas is substantial allowing Digital Forensic Examiners a new treasure trove of information to potentially obtain digital evidence.

    Employment Opportunities

    National Digital Forensics, Inc. has employment opportunities for Digital Forensics Examiners.

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    About Us

    National Digital Forensics, Inc. (NATLDF) is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our Digital Forensic Team is comprised of certified and experienced personnel with law enforcement and military experience in all types of Digital Forensic Investigations and Cases.