National Digital Forensics, Inc. (NATLDF) is a North Carolina based Corporation which maintains a Secure Digital Forensic Lab Facility, that provides Digital Forensic Services not only across the United States but globally to Law Firms, Corporations, Insurance Companies, Private Investigators, Academic Institutions, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies on a multitude of cases including civil, criminal and military related.

NATLDF provides Digital Forensic Analysis of computers including Network Servers, Audio & Video Devices, Vehicle Infotainment Systems, Drones, Media Storage, Mobile Devices to include; i-Pads, Tablets, Cell Phones, Smart Phones, Smart Watches, GPS Devices, Dash cams, Activity Trackers, IoT Devices and including Medical Devices, that can store digital information.

NATLDF has been able to answer questions that have previously been unanswerable in a variety of cases including; Employment issues, Embezzlement, Fraud/Wire Fraud, Cyber Breaches, Intellectual Property/Trade Secret Theft, Malpractice, Homicides, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Child Endangerment, Vehicle &Train Accidents, Insurance, Corporate and Law Enforcement Investigations in addition to many other types of Civil, Criminal and Military Cases.

The NATLDF Digital Forensics Team

Since 2002, The Digital Forensics Team at NATLDF has been providing Digital Forensic Services to Fortune 100 to Fortune 1000 Companies; in addition Our Digital Forensic Team is comprised of certified and experienced personnel with law enforcement and military experience in all types of Digital Forensic Investigations and Cases. NATLDF Digital Forensic Team understands the rigorous details involved with Digital Forensic Processes and the various types of Electronic Discovery within a Case including Crime Scene Recovery of Digital Evidence. Our Digital Forensic Team follows full Chain of Custody Procedures to insure the integrity of any Evidence. NATLDF Digital Forensics Team takes a “Team Approach” on every case we manage, so the client obtains the best skillset needed to accomplish the scope of services requested, and for the most complete results on their case. Each Digital Forensic Team Member brings a specialized unique skill to Our Team which adds a significant added benefit to each case.

Giovanni Masucci, President & Sr. Digital Forensic Examiner of National Digital Forensics, Inc. states; “Our Professional Digital Forensic Team takes pride in providing an exceptional degree of Digital Forensic Services with a strict emphasis on ethics & integrity, knowledge & professionalism, making NATLDF a highly respected and recognized leader in the Digital Forensics Industry with numerous acknowledgements.”

Giovanni Masucci

Giovanni Masucci

President & CEO

Mr. Masucci is a Sr. Digital Forensic Examiner, North Carolina State Licensed Counterintelligence Professional and President/CEO of National Digital Forensics, Inc. in Raleigh, North Carolina since 2008. Mr. Masucci has over 39 years of combined professional experience in Technology, Consulting, Investigations, Physical & IT Security, Political and Governmental Affairs, including over 18 years as a Sr. Digital Forensic Examiner.

Mr. Masucci has been found qualified & testified numerous times as an Expert in Computer/Digital Forensics & Cell Phone Forensics in the following US Courts; Federal, State Superior, District Courts and including the North Carolina State Bar Disciplinary Hearing Commission. Mr. Masuccis’ Reports, Affidavits and Depositions have been utilized in many Courts, including for the North Carolina Industrial Commission and the North Carolina Medical Board. Mr. Masucci works on Cases with Federal, State, and Local Governments including Law Enforcement Agencies, Law Firms, and Fortune 100 thru Fortune 1000 Corporations throughout the US and Internationally including Military Cases.

Mr. Masucci has completed numerous Digital Forensic Certificate Training Programs including attending & completing various US Federal Government Training Programs. Case experiences includes; Intellectual Property Theft/Trade Secrets, Espionage, Data Breaches, Embezzlement, Wire Fraud, Homicides, Malpractice, Transportation Accidents, Corporate Internal Investigations, Law Enforcement Internal Investigations, Government Agency Internal Investigations, Employment, Discrimination, Workers Comp, Arson, Divorce, Domestic Violence and Sexual Crimes including Crimes against Children among many others types of Cases. He also serves as a Continuing Lawyer Educator (CLE) to Attorneys & Paralegals, a Continuing Professional Educator (CPE) to Government, Law Enforcement, Corporate Employees and numerous Professional Associations on topics related to Digital Forensics for over 14 years. Mr. Masucci has developed over 300 presentations and training programs, many of which have been accredited.

For Mr. Masuccis’ work efforts in Digital Forensics, he has received numerous acknowledgements including from; former US Senator Elizabeth Dole, State of North Carolina Office of the State Controller, State of North Carolina Office of the State Chief Information Officer, North Carolina City County Bureau of Identification, The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations, Former Chief of Police Town Of Morrisville, North Carolina and other Law Enforcement Agencies, from numerous Law Firms, Corporations, Associations & Organizations.