UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or a more common name is Drone.  Drones create another area where criminal activity, privacy issues and potential terrorist activity is of increasing concern.  NATLDF’s Forensic Team takes an aggressive proactive approach to Drone Forensics by researching the newest Drone Technology as it becomes available, taking advantage of industry training classes and utilizing the latest Digital Forensic Software when providing Drone Forensics.

The following types of data can potentially be recovered from Drones and their Systems:

  • Crash Data
  • Flight Data- GPS Coordinates
  • Flight Track Data-Waypoints
  • Media Storage-Pictures, Video and EXIF Data
  • Sensor Data-Logs
  • Operation System Data
  • Ground Control System Data
  • Mobile Phone Data
  • Upload Data
  • Cloud Data
  • Social Media Data
  • WIFI/Bluetooth Data
  • Drone Name
  • Drone Serial Numbers
  • Launch Point
  • Owner Information

Please note: Having access to as much of the UAS; Unmanned Aerial System and UAV, provides a greater potential to acquire more data and potential evidence that may be beneficial to a case. Let NATLDF’s experienced Forensic Team provide you the qualifications you’d expect to obtain the most potential evidence for your case.