Expert Witness Services and Court Consultation

National Digital Forensic Experts can provide you consultation on electronic (digital) data when deciding to enter digital data as evidence into court or reviewing digital evidence presented in court by opposing counsel. National Digital Forensics Experts can consult you with the knowledge you need to making the appropriate decisions for your next steps. From reviewing and analyzing the digital evidence to reviewing opposing expert evidence collected to consulting you during a trial when digital evidence is presented. National Digital Forensics Experts are experienced working on a variety of court cases when digital evidence is supporting evidence and or the only evidence on a case. National Digital Forensic Experts when called upon, provide Expert Witness Testimony and full Court Presentations on the acquisition of digital evidence, the tools utilized for examinations and actual courtroom demonstrations of digital forensic analysis.

Expert Involvement Every Step Of The Way

Contact National Digital Forensics at the commencement of any case for optimal evidence preservation providing you with the ideal courtroom evidence and expert testimony. As part of National Digital Forensic’s Services, our Certified Forensic Professionals produce detailed reports explaining results in clear, logical and well organized verbiage. 


When your case necessitates more than our expert forensic report, National Digital Forensics Experts provide on-site, in-depth expert testimony. We testify with regard to the digital evidence, acquisition of digital evidence as well as the procedures and the tools utilized to obtain results presented. You will benefit from the highly trained, experienced and certified Digital Forensic professionals explaining evidence in language understandable to any judge or jury who are required to interpret the meaning of your evidence. Additionally, National Digital Forensics offers live courtroom demonstrations of digital forensic analysis illustrating the robustness of your evidence. Digital forensic evidence may help provide the cornerstone to legal cases and a potential stronghold to any rebuttal presented by opposing council.