Forensic Incident Response

National Digital Forensics, Inc. provides Digital Forensic Response Services (DFIRS) including Forensic Incident Management from inception to conclusion. If your organizations digital data has potentially been compromised, you may need assistance from the beginning in order help determine the complexity of the breach and the extensiveness and to uncover or recover valuable digital information that may have been lost.

Due to the nature of Cyber threats whether internal or external, NATLDF makes every effort when contacted to assess the situation and address as warranted via phone, e-mail and or if reasonably possible in person within the first 24hrs. NATLDF DFIR Team will make every effort if warranted to be On-Site within 48hrs when notified and authorized. There may be instances out of NATLDF DFIR Team control or due to other constraints where 48hrs may not be applicable. Applicable Rate Terms are pre-established per contract. For information on this service please contact NATLDF directly at: 919.754.8644 or